This app will find you friends

Amica is an online service designed to help newcomers feel at home in a new city. The project uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help users navigate new social environments and find friends with whom to share their experiences, needs and knowledge. Amica’s AI acts as a personal assistant that learns from its user’s conversations. It then provides her with recommended events and groups, along with people with whom she may want to network. Amica applies machine learning to encourage human communication and exploration as a defence against the often-isolating influence of social media and technology.


  • Tina Park

    Tina Park

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Throughout her life, Tina grew up around the world, including Saudi Arabia, Poland, Korea, China, Canada, and the United States. Living, breathing, and experiencing such different cultures, especially during her most formative years, has added a lot to her view of the world and how people from various backgrounds and cultures interact with things differently. These life experiences helped shape Tina's views as a designer. When researching experiences and designing interactions, she puts the user's experience before her own biased views.more

  • Joseph Kim

    Joseph Kim

    Carnegie Mellon University

    An aspiring software engineer and computer scientist studying at Carnegie Mellon University.more

  • Emily DeGrandpre

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