Annexe – The Game


Game that educates children on history of colonization and its impact on identity

Annexe is a two-player strategy board game, built around the theme of colonisation. The goal of the game is to retain the ownership and identity of your own culture, while your opponent tries to capture it. Progressive stages: 'Resistance', 'Dominance', 'Defence', 'Influence', and 'Establishment', are each allocated a zone on the board, with the user collecting and using cards to occupy the spaces. The user occupying the most spaces at the end of these stages claims ownership. Inspired by the narrative of the Spanish colonisation of Aztec culture, Annexe highlights the nuances and discreet processes of cultural displacement.

Veethika Mishra

  • Veethika Mishra

    Veethika is a tabletop game designer and enthusiast based out of Bangalore, India. She has explored the licensing and pedagogy scope in tabletop games and has endorsed it in events like NGDC, OER and FUEL GILT. She likes to explore the possibility of Play in solving sensitive real world issues.more

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