Prepare to lose power.

Arclite is a power bank designed for electrical outages. The project responds to the urgent need for light and mobile connectivity in the hours and days after a natural disaster. Typically, Arclite functions as a hub for electrical devices. In times of emergency, the device’s functions triple. Its stem detaches to provide a flashlight, while its base gives off ambient light and power for mobile devices — an urgent need for many during the upheaval and uncertainty of an extended loss of power. Arclite empowers families to secure and light their homes and connect to emergency services and loved ones during times of disaster.

Shreejan Shrestha

  • Shreejan Shrestha
    University of Notre Dame

    Shreejan Shrestha is a graduate students at university of Notre Dame. He is fascinated to realize the unprecedented opportunities for individual empowerment through design process, especially for the people with less resources. He is excited by material exploration and exploration of the experiences that the material can create. His work as an industrial designer ranges from rural alternative energy solutions to chronic health-centered products focused on quality of life and well-being.more

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