A washing machine built into a truck wheel

C.Mile is a manual washing machine designed for long haul truck drivers. The project is inspired by the difficulties experienced by truck drivers in Iran, who are often away from home for days at a time and must wash their clothes in rivers or other bodies of water. This practice is both inconvenient and polluting. C.Mile provides a solution by repurposing the central hub of the truck’s wheel, replacing this typically empty space with a washtub. The motion of the truck activates the tub’s paddles, providing the agitation needed to launder even severely soiled clothes.

Masoud Sistani

  • Art University of Isfahan

    I'm from Iran .I study industrial design at art university of Isfahan . my major is product and interaction design . I'm a technology lover. my hobbies are game design and interactive products and using augmented reality and virtual reality and other interactive technics to improving my designs , and my other hobby is music , I'm a vocalist . Creativity and innovation in design are my values , I tried to learning and using many softwares and programming languages to find best way to make , bake and present my ideas. I have an experience base life , I am trying to make best experiences for people.more


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