BeoSound Orbit Music Player


Touch the table to select a song

BeoSound Orbit is a music player that expands its digital user interface beyond the physical boundaries of the device itself to provide a simple yet captivating way to listen to music at home. A button on the top of the player starts or stops the music. Information about the song is projected on the table around the device. The player recognises touch gestures on any surface around it through infrared, while coordinated light animations provide feedback.


  • Anastasia Ivanova
  • Paulo Pannuzzo

    Paulo Pannuzzo

    Aalto University

    Paulo graduated as Bachelor of Design in 2015 at Politecnico di Milano during a exchange program (MEDes) while enrolled in University of Aveiro — Portugal, currently attending the Master of Engineering of Product Design (Aveiro). Industrial designer by heart, Paulo likes to challenge people in how do they “look” at things, to make them feel involved but also curious about the product and process. The pleasure for DIY makes him think many times about the touch and handcrafting without letting the technology apart.more

  • Tuomas Hämäläinen

    Tuomas Hämäläinen

    Aalto University

    Tuomas graduated as Bachelor of Arts from Industrial Design in 2015 at Aalto University, and is now continuing his studies for Master of Arts in Collaborative and Industrial Design study programme. He's a product guy at his heart and has a soft spot for music and speakers. Tuomas loves technology, but thinks it should not override clarity and simplicity of a product.more


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