Re-designing Currency for the 21st Century Entrepreneur

Betanomics is a system for generating startup capital without institutional investment. Designed to democratise capital for early stage entrepreneurs, Betanomics proposes an approach whereby entrepreneurs themselves can redefine capital and currency in ways that create value for them, independent of the usual gatekeepers and middlemen. In this new entrepreneurship model, talent and trust are the most valuable assets, and time is the only currency. To support this approach, the project proposes BETEX: A Trust Time Bank, which trades time (currency) against talent and trust (assets). This alternative system of generating startup capital makes entrepreneurism accessible to those without previous financial backing, encouraging greater diversification of new startups and new services

Raadiya Lüssi

  • Zurich University of the Arts

    Student of design, anthropologist, entrepreneur, tech-enthusiast. Curious explorer, creative maker, future forecaster, content curator & dot connector. An Afropolitan with Asian DNA and a global footprint. Born in Cape Town, based in Zurich. Most days I feel awesome, but some days I feel like Neo from the Matrix. I'm Raadiya Lüssi. Welcome to my world.more


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