Bio Iridescent Sequin


A sustainable sequin for the fashion industry

As small and harmless as they may seem, sequins pose a threat to wildlife as they are made of petroleum-based materials and often end up in the ocean where they are mistaken for food. Bio Iridescent Sequin is a biodegradable alternative made from naturally abundant cellulose, a material that is lightweight, strong and compostable. The sequins are formed in moulds to eliminate waste, and their shimmering iridescent colours are embedded within the material structure of the cellulose – meaning that there is no need for added chemicals.

Elissa Brunato

  • Elissa Brunato
    Central Saint Martins (UAL)

    Elissa Brunato is a Concept Designer and Material explorer, based in London. Working in the fashion industry for nearly ten years, both as a Designer in London studio environments as well as overseeing production sites in India, Italy and China, she began to question the limited and environmentally conflicting material choices that she became confronted with. As a consequence, Elissa decided to interrupt her career to research into circular systems and material design that responds to our increasingly urgent need for environmental consideration. Material Futures, a course at Central Saint Martins in London provided the structure for Elissa to engage with bio technologies and look into future possibilities that could sustainably innovate the crafts within fashion. Her most recent project, Bio Iridescent Sequin harnesses the potential of cellulose to create shimmering surfaces, through forming structural colour.more

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