“Can you see a forest in the palm?”


A restructured plantation for diversity and resilience

In Riau Province in Indonesia, rows of monoculture coconut palm stretch infinitely, large-scale agriculture reducing the local ecosystem to a single crop. The industrial processing of this crop only handles the edible part of the coconut, leaving the fibrous outer shells to be burnt as waste. Can you see a forest in the palm? is an attempt to redesign the plantation structure, integrating new species to mimic the variety found in ecosystems like forests or tropical home gardens. Through the design of plant composition, higher and more diverse yields are obtained – offering new possibilities for farmers in terms of both food and income-generating materials.

Pola Salicka

  • Lund University

    Multidisciplinary designer. Educated in industrial design and keeping it as a point of reference while investigating how resources and means of production could serve the ecosystem as a whole. Moving between objects, materials, speculation, research, art direction and site-specific contexts.more


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