Carbon Capture Battery


Solution to generate energy whilst capturing carbon

Current carbon-eliminating technology is expensive and often inefficient, disincentivising businesses to capture their emissions.

This battery operates by capturing CO2 from high emitting industries while monetising the variation in the cost of electricity, making the process of capturing CO2 more financially sustainable. The technology provides storage capability to the grid enabling wider renewable energy implementation. Utilising a patent pending sorbent with improved performance at high temperatures, the process can capture CO2 three times more efficiently than conventional systems.


  • Mohammad (Omid) Saghafifar

    Mohammad (Omid) Saghafifar

    University of Cambridge

    Omid (Mohammad) Saghafifar is currently a Research Associate at University of Cambridge. He is also the co-founder and CTO at Remedium. Prior to his current position, he was an R&D engineer at NanoSUN for a year, where he worked on cutting-edge research on hydrogen. He was part of a very successful team that won several awards such as being awarded a grant of €2.5M by the European Innovation Council. At the R&D department, Omid was involved in developing a game changing cooling technology for hydrogen stations from its inception to prototype development. Omid holds a PhD in Engineering from University of Cambridge, working developing a new grid-scale battery. His research showed the significant potential of this technology as compared to other viable options that enabled the group to get a £1,000,000 funding from EPSRC to continue the work and build a prototype. more

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  • Seyed Mojtaba (Moji) Hashemi

    Seyed Mojtaba (Moji) Hashemi

    University of Calgary

    Moji Hashemi is currently a post-doctoral associate at the University of Calgary and Innovate Calgary. He is also the co-founder and CEO at Remedium. He holds a PhD in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering from University of Calgary. In his current role at Innovate Calgary, he is working with the Energy Transition Centre (ETC) as technology advisor. His work has been recognized on a number of occasions as demonstrated by the awards and scholarships that I have received. He has received 10 awards during his PhD studies including Alberta Innovates Graduate Scholarship, NOVA Chemicals Graduate Scholarship, Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship, Mitacs Globalink Research Award, and Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. Graduate Scholarship. He was nominated for the University of Calgary Award for Graduate Assistants (Teaching), and was also a finalist in the University of Calgary 3-Minute Thesis Competition. more

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