Mohammad (Omid) Saghafifar

Mohammad (Omid) Saghafifar


Omid (Mohammad) Saghafifar is currently a Research Associate at University of Cambridge. He is also the co-founder and CTO at Remedium. Prior to his current position, he was an R&D engineer at NanoSUN for a year, where he worked on cutting-edge research on hydrogen. He was part of a very successful team that won several awards such as being awarded a grant of €2.5M by the European Innovation Council. At the R&D department, Omid was involved in developing a game changing cooling technology for hydrogen stations from its inception to prototype development.
Omid holds a PhD in Engineering from University of Cambridge, working developing a new grid-scale battery. His research showed the significant potential of this technology as compared to other viable options that enabled the group to get a £1,000,000 funding from EPSRC to continue the work and build a prototype.

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