Car for fractal family that can break apart for different uses

CARe is an autonomous electric vehicle and pram service, designed specifically for the safe and inclusive transportation of young children. The vehicle is available in two modes: Care Mode and Share Mode. The Care Mode is intended for children aged 0-3 years old. The design allows the child to rest horizontally between the two parent seats, thus ensuring maximum safety, while enabling the child and parents to remain in constant contact. Share Mode is intended for children between 3 and 5 years old who can travel in a natural, seated position. CARe’s child seat is also designed to transform into a pram that can be removed from the body of the vehicle. Once removed, this pram can function autonomously based on Segway technology and proximity sensors. CARe is a car designed for families. Based on a service model, rather than an ownership model, it allows universal access to its vehicles and prams in order to bring care-focused transportation to all parents.

Anand Manohar Asinkar

  • Anand Manohar Asinkar
    Royal College of Art

    Think not just about what you will create, but also what you will be leaving behind is the motto that drives my design thinking. Products and services have such great impact on us that today sometimes we tend to overlook the human good. Anything without the noble thought of human good has had a shallow impact whereas good products leave a lasting impression on our lives. I am a Vehicle Designer, Industrial Designer and an Architect and Design is what I have always done throughout my life. With eleven plus years of experience in automotive design, product design and architecture, I would like to now focus on transportation design at this critical mode of social change driven by technology.more

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