Algorithmic design for user generated light shade designs

CELL is a method of designing and manufacturing light fixtures based on user participation. The project is a response to the outmoded process of factory mass-production and the difficulties of industrial design for non-professionals. Replicating the system cells use to create unique growth through DNA, CELL introduces a method of manufacturing through a series of adjustable choices. Users move through a sequence of decisions – including shape, size and construction technique - to create an individualised object. CELL maintains the benefits of mass production, while empowering the individual.

Jaehyeong Yoo

  • Jaehyeong Yoo
    Seoul National University

    My works can be divided into various areas including architecture, installation art, product design and branding. The core theme throughout my works is “the exploration of underlying and fundamental elements.” Among others, I have kept my focus on ‘substances.’ In modern construction, materials are being used merely as a material itself. I have always wanted to get out of the box. I have continued my efforts to explain the influence that simple and elemental things have on us by making people take different views on their origins and utility through my works. Whenever I start a project, I am imbued with admiration for the basic elements of the world.more

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