UV device for sanitizing catheter

CleanCath is a catheter steriliser designed to enable the reuse of single-use catheters. To operate the CleanCath, users rinse the used catheter with warm water, and place it into the body of the device. Closing the lid initiates the cleaning cycle by turning on short-wavelength ultraviolet LEDs which expose the catheter to radiation, totally sterilising it. The steriliser is mobile and discreet, for use both at home and on the go, allowing catheter removal with minimal risk of contamination. The project is inspired by the difficulties of health insurance programs that often leave people short of the required number of catheters, forcing unsanitary reuse. CleanCath reduces waste, provides the user pivotal autonomy, and lessens the financial burden of personal healthcare.

Souvik Paul

  • Souvik Paul
    School of Visual Arts

    Souvik Paul works as a design strategist at Johnson & Johnson, and utilizes design to drive innovation and intrapreneurship within the vision care space. In his spare time, he is continuing his work on the CleanCath Catheter Sterilizer, with a goal to bring it to market by 2019. He was born and raised in Long Island, New York, about 50 minutes outside of New York City. Souvik attended Harvard University, and received a Bachelor of Art with High Honors in Social Studies. It was in the spring of his senior year that he took an interaction design class and was hooked. Afterwards, he was a equity finance trader at JP Morgan Chase for 3 years before leaving to get his Masters of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts. In the summer of 2017, Souvik completed a charity bike ride in support of affordable housing from Connecticut to California.more

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