Computer controlled environmental effects

Cloud is a music-activated visualisation system that conducts thunder and lightning performances. Using an Arduino controller and embedded motion sensors, Cloud’s interactive lamp and speaker system flashes light and explodes sound to simulate the immersive experience of thunder and lightning inside. Users can adjust the cloud’s light level and color while streaming music via Bluetooth-compatible devices. A ‘cloud’ comprised of sensors and code, this project converts a question of nature into one of technology.

Richard Clarkson

  • Richard Clarkson
    School of Visual Arts

    Richard is the Founder and Creative Director at Richard Clarkson Studio, LLC., During his studies at SVA Products of Design Masters program Richard realized and developed a strong passion for physical computing and business management. Evident in his work and methodology is a unique collision of Richard's New Zealand, Industrial Design background and his more recent experiences of the vibrance and culture of New York City.more

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