Concept Design of Cameras


Redesigned point and shoot for one hand

The Concept Design of Cameras project completely reimagines the shape and function of the contemporary camera. The design has been tailored to work on the three most common camera types: Point and Shoot, Mirrorless and DSLR. The Point and Shoot model features a flexible ‘roll-up’ screen, double-sided for ‘Selfie Mode’, and a second, curved screen for controls underneath protective extra strength glass. The Mirrorless concept is more ergonomic for professional use, using a single shutter button for both portrait and landscape shooting, as well as a patented screen developed by Sharp that crops photographs to any desired shape. The most professionally equipped DSLR model has an ergonomic shape similar to the other models, while being slightly larger to allow space for more advanced buttons and functions. The teardrop shape used by all three designs provides stability in use, and creates a collective aesthetic. The Concept Design of Cameras project challenges uniformity in camera design and identifies a new way forward.


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