An open-source lab for our transhuman future

Cylab is a speculative design for the world’s first trans-human laboratory. Envisioning a near-future in which bodily implants are both legal and accessible, Cylab provides a safe and open space for users to explore the cyborg experience – offering workshops, talks and the practical facilities required to insert bodily gadgets. All designs developed in the lab are open source, allowing anyone in the world to build their own implants and take part in the trans-human experiment.

Beatriz Hernández Lorenzo

  • Beatriz Hernández Lorenzo
    IED – Istituto Europeo di Design (Madrid)

    Beatriz Hernández Lorenzo, space designer, creative, good communicator, perfectionist. Upright, respectful anda capable of overcoming. Passionate about design and very curious to learn constantly. Organized when working both physically and mentally. Determined when actively taking control, and being able to easily and quickly control various functions, being also very versatile. The great challenges, as well the field work, motivate her. Skills to organize a group of people. She values working within an environment with personality, where everyone can participate in the design of physical space.more

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