Darkness Design


A luminaire that allows kids to play with shadows in a fun and intuitive way

Darkness Design is a portable light unit that encourages children to play with shadows in a fun and intuitive way. The design is centered around a cylindrical wooden container that houses the projector. By pointing the projector at the wall, users can generate silhouetted scenes animated by their hands and other objects. Pre-made designs, easily cut from black paper, can either fix to the lens to create a backdrop, or serve as individual characters. Attached to each side, the device’s stand doubles as a handle, enabling easy transport inside and outside the home. Darkness Design encourages children to explore craft and storytelling through play.

Erik Höglund

  • Erik Höglund
    Lund University

    My name is Erik Bele Höglund and I grew up on the Swedish west coast. I’m currently finishing my bachelor degree in industrial design at the School Of Industrial Design, LTH in Sweden. I’m 22 years old and ever since I can remember, I have taken apart products to understand how they work. I’m inspired by the materials and production techniques in the design process and always tries to put the end user first.more

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