These devices can improve your relationships

Decompressed Design is a series of devices designed to counteract the de-humanizing effects of technology. The project proposes more humane alternatives to three common digital products — a smart lamp, a mapping app, and a messaging app. Sensing is a connected lamp that detects when the people around it are having an important conversation, disabling all digital notifications until it’s over. Messaging replicates the etiquette of a real-life conversation by using facial recognition software to convey the tenor and emotion of the other person, and by blocking the user from switching between the text conversation and other apps during an active exchange. Instead of simply choosing the fastest route, the project’s Mapping app allows users to choose other less machine-like criteria, such as ‘inspiration’ and ‘surprise’.

Skylar Jessen

  • Skylar Jessen
    New York University (NYU)

    Skylar Jessen is a designer living in New York. A graduate of NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, he creates products, interactive experiences, & design direction for folks from UNICEF to T-Pain. His current work focuses on how digital products affect the way we understand ourselves and each other and how there can be new, more nuanced, approaches to their design. His work has been awarded by Fast Company's Innovation by Design Awards and featured in WGSN, Surface, and The Trend Forecaster's Handbook.more

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