Design of a Journalist Drone


Drone designed for the future of news

Design of a Journalist Drone is a modular dash drone that can be customized to serve the needs of journalists in the field. The project proposes a videography platform designed to empower journalists and their audience to customize news coverage. The modular design enables journalists to build drones of all kinds, differing in weight, size, flight capability and footage quality. In the future anticipated by this project, a solo journalist arrives at a scene and chooses the number and combination of drone modules needed to best capture the scale of the event. Viewers can then log onto a website that allows them to choose the perspective they wish to view. The drones’ 360° video capability allows all users to customize their view in real time.

Sheida Amiri Rigi

  • Sheida Amiri Rigi
    University of Tehran

    My name is Sheida Amiri Rigi and I’m an industrial designer from Iran. I received my B.A from University of Tehran in 2018 and am currently working at the center of advanced systems and technologies (CAST) on their latest Humanoid robot, Surena IV. Before changing my major to design I studied physics and mathematics in high school. I was ranked first in 22nd national student industrial design Olympiad last year, yet I must say design doesn’t end with products for me and I have a growing passion for digital content and UI. Other than staring at my computer screen I like to spend my time painting, reading fiction and hiking, Unexplored territories are my favorite.more

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