Flare Cycling


Improve your city by bicycle

Flare is a smart bicycle light and integrated app that allows riders to map data on the quality of our road surfaces and infrastructure. Aimed at regular cyclists who want to make a difference on our roads, riders press one of three buttons when they come across one of three possible scenarios. This drops a pin on a map on the Flare app which is available to the public and local authorities in order to focus local authorities’ resources, put pressure on decision makers to make changes and empower cyclists to assess whether a route has hazards. Flare is a tool for regular cyclists that allows them to become roaming, data collecting activists with the push of a button.

Jake Thompson

  • Jake Thompson
    University of Sussex

    I am a UK based designer who loves creating meaningful solutions to real world problems. With two years experience in product and graphic design I am an skilled design graduate capable of implementing a human centered approach in projects. Combining my abilities in product design, human psychology and visual representation I created the Flare Cycling project; awarded Best Researched/Most Innovative and Outstanding Performance at the University of Sussex, featured on Reuters and the BBC and currently in further development for pilot schemes in the UK, US and Australia. My interests including cycling, swimming and running which I combined in order to compete in an UK based Iron distance triathlon in summer 2017.more

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