A bracelet that converts verbal communication into text for the hearing impaired

DeVu is a wearable captioning device in the form of a smart bracelet that helps deaf people communicate with people around them. The smart device works by converting audible words into written words that can be read on the bracelet. The user can easily determine which person's interactions to translate through a scanner that determines the directions the vocals are coming from. The bracelet can also be paired with any phone in order to translate the phone calls of the user.

Nada Bahgat

  • Nada Bahgat
    Badr university in Cairo

    I'm a product designer, interesting in special needs fields to minimize their suffering, to make them feel they are not special they are normal. This project was inspired by a singer in American X Factor show called Mandy Harvey who lost her hearing due to a connective tissue disorder when she was 18 years old so she can Speak, another inspiration from the dry cleaner that i deal with he have a Hearing loss is severe, but he can speak well. I really want to help those people to make their life more better.more

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