BUC was established in 2014, to become the largest private university in Egypt and the fastest-growing to offer various programs and degrees that are accredited by the Egyptian Supreme Council. BUC encompasses sixteen schools (Pharmacy, Medicine, Engineering & Technology, Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Linguistics & Translation, Nursing, Business & Economics, Filmmaking & Performing Arts, Applied Arts, Veterinary Medicine, Biotechnology, Allied Health Sciences, Law, Political Sciences, and Humanities & Social Sciences).
Furthermore, BUC Science Academy has been recently established aiming to be an internationally leading and impactful institute, with cutting-edge interdisciplinary research that can provide solutions to global challenges related to health, science, and humanities. Research and innovation at BUC define frontiers of science and knowledge and have a great impact on society.
The partnership between BUC and multiple global organizations is growing enormously to improve the quality of education and research offered at BUC.

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A bracelet that converts verbal communication into text for the hearing impaired