Door Camouflage


To prevent dementia patients from leaving unaccompanied

Door Camouflage is a pop-up photo display shelf, designed to prevent Alzheimer’s patients from wandering out of their house. The project is inspired by the dangers of Alzheimer’s patients leaving their homes, as well as expert suggestions that negative behaviours are best addressed through distraction. Made entirely of paper, Door Camouflage transforms a two-dimensional poster into a three-dimensional photo display, using a simple method of paper folding, similar to that of a pop-up book. By disguising the door and recalling memories, this display turns a dangerous situation into a moment of joyful reflection. Door Camouflage is a low-cost solution to one of the biggest day-to-day problems faced by Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers.

Cody Calamaio

  • Pratt Institute

    Cody Calamaio is a product designer and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Arizona, Cody began her career as a journalist, but fell in love with design while writing about it. She recently graduated with a Masters of Industrial Design degree from Pratt Institute, where her work ranged from furniture and lighting to products for social impact, such as the Door Camouflage for Alzheimer’s patients, displayed at the 2017 Global Grad Show. Her design work has also been featured at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, the WantedDesign Launch Pad, a Cooper Hewitt Design Museum lecture, and has received a Core77 Design Award. Her writing has been featured in This Old House Magazine, Contract Magazine, and The Washington Post, among others.more

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