VR travel simulator for preparation or fantasy

DreTrav is a mixed reality system for simulating travel. Users experience DreTrav by entering an enclosed space that provides a 360-degree view of locations around the world. While within this ‘capsule’, the user can explore tourist attractions and landmarks through a live feed or previously recorded videos. The system also allows for digital motion experiences that can be interacted with by using hand gestures and body movements. Through this multi-media, multi-sensory experience, users can control their position, point of view, and the soundscapes that they encounter. By using the latest technology to simulate the experience of travel, DreTrav provides a new way for people to plan their trips. For those unable to travel, it offers a way to explore the world without ever leaving home.

Team Dre Trav

  • American University in the Emirates (AUE)

    Yaseen Mekki, Amira Abbas, Ammar Ali Bilal Siddik and Ali Khalid Jalal are students at the American University in the Emirates in college of Computer and Information Technology and College of Design. They collaborated to accomplish the DreTrav project which visualizing art using high tech tools.more

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