A brand and business model for bio-charcoal

Ecoal proposes a branding and business development strategy for the decentralised, village-based production of torrefied biomass used as a sustainable replacement for charcoal. The torrefaction of wood, grain, and forms of agricultural residue makes them a more energy efficient and more economical fuel that can be used to supply itinerant food vendors and micro enterprises in India. This project estimates that a rural biomass torrefication plant could function for a fraction of the price of plants currently in use globally.

Denise D’souza

  • Denise D’souza

    "Looking at various things in everyday life, I often see possible ideas for improvements and analyze their current design. Learning through innovation and creativity has always excited me. Sharing ideas using the tools of concepts and creativity has been my greatest strength and design will always be part of who I am."more

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