A cargo bike for crowded cities

EsCargo is a zero emissions cargo motorcycle designed to move small-scale freight within congested urban streets. It proposes a shift in the way that we transport goods by reducing fossil fuel use and eliminating the need to build further infrastructure to accommodate large vehicles carrying large loads. The bike’s electric drivetrain eliminates exhaust emissions and sound pollution which contributes to a more harmonious and liveable city, while providing individuals and companies with a cheaper alternative to cargo shipping.

Oscar Fehlberg

  • Oscar Fehlberg
    Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

    EsCargo is the brainchild of industrial designer Oscar Fehlberg. The project was the culmination of his 4 year Bachelor (hons) of Industrial Design at RMIT, Melbourne. Innovation, out of the box thinking and a “why not” attitude are key to his design approach and his love for all things utilitarian shines through in his work. He became passionate about alternative energy sources and electric drivetrains in high school where he worked on designing and building single seater EV's for endurance racing. This helped drive his hands on approach and develop his knowledge in electronics, fabrication and project management. This passion and knowledge was put straight towards the EsCargo project, which Oscar is currently continuing and hoping to commercialise.more

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