An app for finding a city’s most accessible places

Exacto is a mobile application designed to help people with disabilities find accessible and inclusive places. Combining elements of collaborative mapping and social networking, Exacto provides a platform to share recommendations for routes and destinations, from the perspective of visitors with disabilities. Once a location has been identified, users are encouraged to share additional information, including reviews of the food and services in restaurants, quality of attractions, relative value for cost, wheelchair accessibility the presence of braille texts etc.

Patricia Landeta

  • Patricia Landeta
    National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

    Studied Industrial Design at the Research Center of Industrial Design of the Architecture Faculty at the National Autonomus University of Mexico. In 2000, she worked at Mexico City´s Electoral Institute where she developed several products to assist the vote emision of people with disabilities and the elders. Worth mentioning is the Braille Stencil for the ballots. In 2015, entered the Graduate School of Industrial Design, also at the National Autonomus University where she is finishing her research on the development of an Evaluation Instrument to Asses de Accesibility of Products used in Public Spaces. Since 2009, provides cunsultancy in accessibility togehter with her partners at "Esacto Consultancy"more

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