Expert: Filling In The Gaps


A data-driven service to support new expats

When living abroad, the opportunity to meet and inter-act with people of different backgrounds and learn about various cultures, customs, dialects and histories can be an exciting thought. However, constant hurdles resulting from differences in lifestyle, traditions and language barriers can be overwhelming and often re-sult in culture shock.

Expert is a database created to understand and provide access to the information Expats need to help over-come the difficulties of culture shock. Data collected using surveys, market research and trends is used to create an archive where expats are able to find basic necessities prioritising medical services, government services, home services, job websites, entertainment areas and tourism, communication phrases, shopping areas and education.

Mai El Gammal

  • Mai El Gammal

    Mai El Gammal

    German University in Cairo

    I am a Media Designer currently taking my pre master's degree at the German University in Cairo. My interests are focused towards the user interface, user experience and animation fields. I strive to enhance my skills and gain experience in those fields to create useful and impactful yet simple projects that contribute towards societymore

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