Terms & Conditions


A game to teach players about data security

Terms & Conditions is a board game created to help understand the digital imprints and topics of Data, Privacy & Security.

The board game is played using four decks of cards. Each is categorised to raise awareness to the Terms and Conditions in the technologies used, outline the data and information that is gathered by the products, guide users through phone and application settings and encourage the steps towards actionable change and protecting privacy.

Reem Hasebou

  • Reem Hasebou

    Reem Hasebou

    The American University in Cairo

    I am a Graphic Designer with a passion for information accessibility and creating social change. I graduated with a bachelor's of Graphic Design and a minor in Anthropology from the American University in Cairo. Often times my projects center around storytelling or expressing my various research endeavours. This project's originally centered around data, privacy and security with regards to biometrics and citizenship. Along the way, I shifted focus from biometric technologies to ones we use every day -and the seemingly "free" convenient services they provide- all in an effort to bring light to what we're told is not worth understanding. I hope to one day be part of the design movement that serves and benefits the social sphere.more


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