Folks Kitchenware for the Blind


Knife, chopping board, etc. designed to give sensory feedback

Folks Kitchenware is a system of kitchen utensils designed to aid the blind. The system is designed to reinvent the kitchen as a tactile environment in which the sense of touch is as important as sight. It includes retractable guards for sharp knifes; a chopping board side tray that acts as an extension of the hand for transferring ingredients with less spillage; stove rings that accentuate the burner’s boundaries; and a buoyant teaspoon to warn of impending liquid contact. By leveraging sensory feedback and haptic cues, Folks Kitchenware enables the blind to prepare food safely and with confidence.

Kevin Chiam

  • Kevin Chiam
    National University of Singapore Royal College of Art Imperial College London

    I have always perceived design as a conversation between people and the encompassing environment. To me, common sense is thus crucial and is often the cornerstone for successful translations. My philosophy is therefore to design with sensitivity such that it is simple, engaging and pleasurable. Curious about the motivations behind interactions and people’s behaviour, I observe, tinker and question the world around me. Such knowledge empowers me to explore various domains from product, service, interaction, branding to medical, spatial and exploratory design.more

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