Forseti Axe


A twenty-first century upgrade of an ancient tool

Forseti Axe is a radical redesign of the common axe. Crafted for maximum improvement in performance and longevity, the project applies aerospace technology to enhance one of man’s oldest tools. Forseti Axe’s design integrates a 3D printed titanium body with an integrated lightweight structure and a heat-treated, high-speed steel blade to form a stronger, lighter, more resilient tool.

Pak Ho Tony Chui

  • Pak Ho Tony Chui
    National University of Singapore

    Tony Chui Pak Ho is an industrial designer graduated from National University of Singapore with honours (Highest Distinction) in 2018. He believes design is fundamental to the progress of civilisation and the profession bears the responsibility to enhance living standards of the society. Tony aspires to become a professional who contributes through designing practical products and solutions with a human touch. As the fields of design continuously expands with new designers emerging, he envisions a future where designers with diversified talents and specialities will work hand in hand to create meaningful and innovative solutions for everyone. In addition to the design projects he has encountered in recent years, he has teamed up with fellow designers to launch a successful kickstarter campaign in 2016, with the aim to understand different aspects in the lifecycle of consumer products, preparing himself to become an all-rounded industrial designer.more

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