From Nowhere with Love


Plant a piece of your home.

From Nowhere with Love is a collection of postcards that can grow into trees. The project is designed for migrants and modern nomads who feel displaced from the nature of their native lands. From Nowhere with Love provides a set of biodegradable postcards that are crafted with plant seeds inside. These cards are designed to be specific to the flora of the place where they are purchased. Users can send them to loved ones or keep them for themselves. By simply planting the card in soil and keeping it watered, the user can give life to plants from her homeland or from another beloved place.

Olga Zelenska

  • Olga Zelenska
    School of Form

    Olga Zelenska was born in Dnipropetrovsk, current Dnipro (Ukraine) at 1985. Her artistic skills were developed further during her time at several art schools and art studious in Ukraine. In 2003–2005 studied Architecture and Urban Planning in Pridneprovsk Academy of Building and Architecture. From 2005 she works as graphic designer, illustrator and art-director of editorial projects. In 2014 she moved to Poznań (Poland) to study Domestic Design at School of Form. Her love of nature began in early childhood, but developed while she leaved Ukraine and started to miss local nature. In her work she focuses on simplicity, sustainability and aesthetic of design with strong research role. She loves the material world and prefer to works with real objects.more

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