A project manager for your social life

Letsqube is an app that enables groups of friends to easily collect and pool money towards communal events, gatherings, and purchases. The project combines age-old Ethiopian cultural traditions with modern behavioural economics in order make it easier for people to plan and commit to spending time together. Friends use Letsqube to schedule an occasion to get together and to contribute to a shared budget. The app builds anticipation for the event through reminders and updates, emphasizing what people will miss if they skip an event they’ve committed to.

Biniam Kebede

  • Biniam Kebede
    Rhode Island School of Design

    I was born and raised in Ethiopia. When I was 15, I moved to Kenya, and at 18 I moved to the United States to continue my education at the college level. I firmly believe design is an everlasting innovational tool and empathy is the fuel that drives it. A path to empathy-driven innovation is to, “build, measure, learn,” and design is inherently just that. I also believe a “good design” is not permanent but rather a continuous process that involves people and should change their behavior for the better. I aspire to be a designer that works with people and creates value by materializing thoughts and theories through experiences.more


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