Most shipping containers return to Asia empty. What if we grew food in them?

GrowFrame is a collapsible, hydroponic farm that cultivates food in empty shipping containers on their way back to China, half of which return to Asia empty. GrowFrame aims to use the containers as a resource to create new business opportunities. GrowFrame is designed to have a low ecologic and economic impact in all stages of its life. The ultimate goal of GrowFrame is to turn the air being shipped around the world today into a sustainable farm of tomorrow.

Philippe Hohlfield

  • Philippe Hohlfield
    Royal College of Art

    "I am a graduating Innovation Design Engineer with previous expertise in concept art and commercial research and development. I have a passion for solving the complex problems that come with the world of tomorrow in new and creative ways. When I approach a new project I enjoy looking at the big picture and understanding how the product, service, or system will affect its surrounding environment. My background, studying Entertainment Design at Gnomon School of VFX in Hollywood, has taught me to dream big and consider all solutions no matter how unfeasible they may seem. This, combined with my skills from the FH-Joanneum Graz in Industrial Design and the Royal College of Art and Imperial College in Innovation Design Engineering, have allowed me to dream up and create working proof of concept of some incredible projects."more

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