A smart insole to ensure a correct work out

GymSoles are a smart insole that allow users to correctly perform gym exercises by providing feedback on the user’s centre of pressure. Incorrect distribution of pressure will lead to less effective exercise and may even cause injury. Vibration motors built within the shoe visualise the centre of pressure on a connected screen, allowing users to immediately adapt their posture. The device was evaluated by thirteen users in a gym and significantly improved body posture for both exercises tested, with a marked improvement in beginners.

Augmented Human Lab

  • Augmented Human Lab
    The University of Auckland

    We are a small, unique team of interdisciplinary experimenters. Our team works hard to craft meaningful, beautiful experiences with technology. Specifically, we aim to foster smart, new and stunning experiences that change the way people live and experience the world. Examples include projects such as “FingerReader”, that allows blind users to access information simply by pointing at objects and asking questions; “Muss-Bits”, that allows deaf users to ‘feel’ music; “GymSoles”, a smart insole that enables users to perform exercises with the correct body posture; and “Sparsh”, that enables users to move digital media between devices by simply grabbing them into their hands. This ranges from understanding real-life contexts in which technologies function, and understanding where technologies are not only exciting or novel but have a significant impact on the way people live.more



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