A kinder tool for cutting sugar cane

Hélice is a reinvention of the machete. Created for manual workers in Nicaragua's sugar cane industry, it is crafted for maximum comfort and long life. The design uses angles, dynamic grip properties and material engineering to create a better ergonomic experience for labourers tasked with harvesting standing crops of sugar cane. Hélice’s blades are replaceable, making it possible for the tool to be used for years and even passed from one generation to another. Designed for mass production, large scale user testing is due for the six-month harvest season starting in October 2018.

Olov Eriksson

  • Olov Eriksson
    Lund University

    Olov Eriksson is from Malmö Sweden. When he is not busy prototyping new designs in Lund, where he attends the Master Program of Fine Arts in Industrial Design, you'll find him enjoying the great outdoors, brewing craft beer or simply hiding in plain sight.more

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