Design your imaginary friend

Hirde is a child-companion platform that makes imaginary friends real. Simply let your child draw and submit their imaginary friend through the Hirde website, or customise one from the existing Monster Library. In a matter of weeks, your child's new best friend will come to you with Hirde’s child companion app. Children can simply speak to their imaginary plush toy friend and interact with a touch screen to construct and draw stories as well as solve quests and learn.

Lori Miao-Ju Ho

  • Royal College of Art

    An interaction designer, artist and maker, Lori Ho completed her bachelor’s degree in fine art media at University College London, followed by dual master’s degrees in Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial College London and Royal College of Art. Through intensive research and user testing, Lori designs and manufactures products that provide new ways for people to interact with the objects around them.more

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