Inclusive Car Interface


Digital interface for car dashboard that can be customized to user

The Inclusive Car Interface is a modular dashboard customizable to individuals’ needs. Inspired by a regular exclusion of disability requirements in car interfaces, the design’s modular structure enables the user to customise the interface through a series of simple configurations. These include prioritising the sound detector for those hard of hearing or the adjusting the primary positioning of access functions for drivers with physical disabilities. This structure allows the driver to foreground the communication most significant to them without losing visual clarity. The device also unifies the car’s dashboard, on-board computer and the user's mobile device, providing a comprehensive interface that places individual requirements at its centre.

Oliwia Przybyła

  • Oliwia Przybyła
    School of Form

    Oliwia Przybyła is young Warsaw-based designer and this year’s graduate of School of Form Communication Design program. She is creative powerhouse. Her speciality is mainly focused on UI/UX design but she often includes elements of both digital painting and motion design in her projects. Her designs are created with unique approach and minimalistic aestetics. She prefers to use limited color palette and focus mostly on creating simple and modern solutions. In her works she often incorporates the idea of inclusive design. Those projects are often meant to improve quality of life for users with disabilities without making them feel like it was created just for people with special needs. In her works she also likes to use pop culture references to comic books, movies or TV series.more

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