A platform to better navigate the benefit system

InForm is a website to facilitate low-income benefit enrolment in the USA. The US benefits system is intended to support the lives of thousands who struggle to provide for their families; however, the application process is both lengthy and complicated, requiring applicants to visit an estimated 20 websites, 126 pages and spending up to 67 hours reading online. Using the inForm platform, applicants can learn what benefits they might be eligible for, fill in all documents needed for the pre-enrolment stages and access interview-prep guides.


  • Mia Zaidan

    Mia Zaidan

    Harvard University

    Mia has a background in Architecture. She worked at the Ateliers Jean Nouvel in Paris developing concept, schematic and design development phases of a 60 story mixed use tower in Bangkok. She focused mainly on designing the complex vertical and horizontal circulation strategies to coordinate series of elevators segregating populations. She is interested in the sociological aspect that lies beneath the design process and aspires to create designs that respond to human comportments.more

  • Taylor Greenberg Goldy

    Taylor Greenberg Goldy

    Harvard University

    Taylor is a true believer in cross-disciplinary research and collaboration. She worked at Harvard’s Wyss Institute designing textile-based, lower-extremity exosuits alongside a team of engineers, clinicians and designers. She also spent a summer as a grant student at NASA, re-designing intravehicular activity (IVA) apparel for astronauts on long-duration missions to Mars, as well as engineering a cooling device for ballistic vests worn by NASA security personnel.more

  • Jacob Schonberger

    Jacob Schonberger

    Harvard University

    Jake worked at Facebook, managing marketing partnerships with some of the large financial service companies. Prior to Facebook, he started a company called Paywithme, which was a peer-to-peer payments platform focused on ensuring repayment to group and social organizers. Jake joined the MDE program to expand his capability to bring innovative solutions to industries he cares about.more

  • Mengxi Tan

    Mengxi Tan

    Harvard University

    Mengxi is a tech consultant with specialization in data analytics, and a digital artist who conveys her ideas through design animation. She has designed, tracked and modeled statistical business tests at Applied Predictive Technologies, MasterCard for clients in US, Japan and Taiwan. Mengxi has also collaborated with neuroscientists and engineers on a National Science Foundation project, “Self Reflected”, to create a gigantic visualization of human brain network. Going forward, Mengxi aims to explore how technology combined with design can improve problem solving n both business worlds and our everyday life.more

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