Kanga – Mobile Resuscitation Kit


A Mobile Resuscitation Kit for Newborns

Kanga is a mobile resuscitation kit that aims to streamline the process of resuscitating infants born with breathing difficulties. One million babies die each year due to a lack of oxygen at birth, with 99 % of these cases occurring in low-resource communities without access to hospitals. Kanga enables a flexible resuscitation space while keeping the mother and child close, so that caregivers are not forced to choose between the care of mother or the care of the child. It assists the midwife by providing visual feedback, indicating when to halt or persevere with ventilation. Simple instructions on the blanket guide the user through the steps of resuscitation, while the dedicated Kanga app collects information on the process, providing critical data and encouraging a culture of training based on real-life feedback. Kanga has the potential to decrease time to ventilation by up to 48%, dramatically increasing the chances of the baby’s survival.

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