Wearable gadget for accessing the subconscious

KooKoo is a seven-second timer designed to help indecisive users make intuitive decisions. The concept was inspired by studies conducted at the Max Planck Institute that found that decisions are made seven seconds before conscious awareness. By pulling the device’s string, the user activates the short timer and prompts instinctive decisions devoid of unnecessary hesitation and over-analysis. Utilising your unconscious’s ability to make reasoned choices, KooKoo encourages intuitive decisions in an age defined by excessive choice.

Xumeng Mou

  • Xumeng Mou
    School of Visual Arts

    Xumeng Mou is a product designer who loves to bring novelty to people's life by creating unique products, stories and experiences. She graduated from the Products of Design Master's program at the School of Visual Arts in 2017, during which time, she explored psychology, emotional reactions and behaviors, and design as a way of upgrading the unconscious mind to being a reliable and legitimate tool for creative problem-solving.more

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