Life Slide


Foldable slide to rescuing residents of high rise on fire

Life Slide reinvents the traditional fire engine by adding a telescopic rescue slide, crane and rescue ladder to top of the vehicle. The slide enables quicker and more efficient escape from high-rise emergencies. Adjustable in both height and angle, the slide includes a ventilation device to protect from smoke, and insulation to withstand searing temperatures. By overcoming the restricted capacity of the conventional fire ladder, Life Slide can improve the efficiency of high-rise rescue operations and save more lives.

Fan Shizhong

  • Fan Shizhong
    Hunan University

    Fan Shizhong, the director of FAN STONE studio, is a master of industrial design engineering at Hunan University. He topped the Forbes list of China's top designers and He was named by Forbes as China's most promising designer.He is also a top ten college student in China(Chinese college students of the year).What's more, he is the master teacher of innovation and entrepreneurship at Hunan University. He is the design director of Hunan Shengxiang design consulting co. LTD. So far,He has won five Red Dot Awards, five IF awards, three IDEA awards, two CORE77 design awards, four Golden Point Awards,Asian Design Awards and more than one hundred awards.more

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