This jacket will light your way

Lightwear is an electronically enhanced motorcycle jacket. It is designed to protect its wearer by increasing her visibility. The jacket is equipped with sensors that measure angle, speed, acceleration and deceleration. An inbuilt computing unit processes these data in real time and translates them into visual signals in the form of light. Lightwear also includes a GPS unit that automatically calls for help in case of an emergency. Although designed for motorcyclists, the project has potential value for construction workers, miners and many others.

Yulia Stern

  • Yulia Stern
    Offenbach University of Art and Design

    Yulia Stern is a German artist, designer and experimentalist with Ukrainian heritage. Her current studies at hfg Offenbach (Germany) brought her closer to the field of wearables. Her interests lie in clothes and their function, and their potential to protect and enhance the human body. She approaches the field of wearables from two angles: one is being the interest in crafting garments from ideas and two, the visualization and simulation of garments in 3D space. The project Lightwear was developed at the DIIO Department of Prof. Frank Georg Zebner, in collaboration with colleague Fabian Schöfer. Her recent experience in 3D visualization she acquired from dear colleagues and friends, Alejandro Delgado and Michael Mayer at Hugo Boss in Metzingen. Her vision is to create systems of functional garment with the efficiency of the workwear but being as casual and comfortable as the tracksuit.more

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