App that gives refugees work digitizing Arab language print documents

Loga is an app that enables refugees to earn a meaningful wage by digitizing Arabic language documents using their smartphones. The Loga app converts Arabic text images into highly accurate transcriptions that can be copied, edited, and searched. Millions of Arabic documents remain locked in PDFs that can't be searched, copied, or analysed. With Loga, refugees can remotely earn income by scanning Arabic print documents and converting them into digital text. Through a centralized process, Arab governments, businesses, and libraries simply have to upload their files to Loga and receive results. A pilot is currently being established at the Za’atari refugee camp in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (UNHCR) with plans for full implementation in the fall of 2017. To learn more, visit:

Team Loga

  • New York University Abu Dhabi (NYU)

    The designers of Loga, Chris Weeler, Willaim Held, Alexander Mckay and Utku Unlu, form a cross disciplinary team from Computer Science, Political Science, and Engineering. The team came together to work to improve the refugee situation in the Middle East utilizing their cross disciplinary talents. Chris interfaces with NGO and government contacts for the project. Utku leads development of the application layer. Will focues on the machine learning and business levels of the project. Alex leads ground implementation in refugee camps and key partnerships in the university.more


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