MARTy-109 (Machine-Augmented Responsive Typography)


An AI generated typeface to convey emotions

Much of our conversations today are typed rather than spoken, yet typed text does not visually convey the emotions or meaning of what is being said. Machine-Assisted Responsive Typography (MARTy) explores the possibilities offered by digital typography paired with artificial intelligence (AI). Using natural language analysis and dynamic variation of characters, the machine interprets the meaning of a given text and translates it visually. The shape of the letters changes constantly thanks to the billion variations contained in the font, offering dynamic graphics that better convey the emotions held within a typed message.

David Héritier

  • David Héritier
    Geneva University of Art and Design

    David Héritier began as a graphic designer, working at various places after an apprenticeship at Lausanne School of Art and Communication (ERACOM). He then studied Visual Communication (Bachelor's) and Media Design (Master's) at Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD–Genève). In 2017, with Demian Conrad and Pierre-Alain Giesser, he founded the Center for Future Publishing, an experimental research laboratory for new visual languages. He now pursues various projects at the junction between graphic design, typography and technology.more



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