Nanotech Corrosion Prevention


Nano-coating to extend the lifespan of oil pipelines

Corrosion is a costly and major concern in oil pipelines and equipment, which are vital apparatus for distributing the energy resources needed to power communities.

This eco-friendly nano-coating is applied through a cost-effective procedure whereby pipelines and equipment are dip-coated in a solution of polymeric materials and nanoparticles. The coating prolongs the lifespan of these structures, while reducing maintenance costs and shutdown time for critical pipeline operations.

Hebatallah Al Jabri

  • Hebatallah Al Jabri

    Hebatallah Al Jabri

    National University of Science and Technology – Oman

    Hebatallah Al Jabri, a BSc in Chemical Engineering graduate from National University of Science and Technology, Oman. Corrosion is a global issue which cost a lot in repairing and maintenance and this make me excited and enthusiastic in leaning Materials and Science discipline. The main focus of this research project was to develop a protective coating by fabricating a nano film from polyaniline with varying amounts of TiO2. The outcome of the research showed an excellent thin layer obtained on the surface where the life span of the metal increased, and the coated layer acted as a barrier to prevent the metals from direct contact with O2 and corrosive solutions. Finding a cost-effective solution to protect the equipment from corrosion using Nano coating will enhance the lifespan of pipelines, thereby increasing the profit and reducing the maintenance cost and shutdown time. The outcome of this project contributed on the development of an eco-friendly nano coating using polymeric materials and nanoparticles. The project received excellent feedback from external examiners with the highest appreciation at Caledonian College of Engineering, Oman & secured second position in the 6th Gulf petrochemical and Chemical Association (GPCA) innovation and research competition held in Bahrain. Recently, I received Nasser Behlani Award for the outstanding contribution in the field of Material, Corrosion, and integrity. I am currently looking for opportunities to continue developing of this project. more



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