Neighbour Hub


  • Stephanie Koenig

    Stephanie Koenig

    Emily Carr University of Art + Design

    Throughout the development process of the Neighbour Hub, our team has collaborated with the City of Vancouver to strategize how our project could be implemented in parks across the municipality. To push this concept into reality, our team of five came together to form Neighbour Lab; a design and planning studio that encourages neighbourhood-level resilience through critical creativity and co-creation. As a transdisciplinary team with experience in design, geography, planning and sustainability each of us bring forth a diverse professional and experiential perspective. We expand our research through engaging public voices as we aim to bridge the gap between city initiatives and community members by developing inclusive and inspiring solutions with real world implications. As the concept developer for Neighbour Lab, Stephanie Koenig is interested in the intersections between art and engineering. Many of her projects are inspired by off the grid living systems, and have a focus on bringing together technical systems and designed usability.more

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