Night Loo


This box designed to protect women.

Night Loo is a reusable, portable urinal designed for women and girls in refugee camps. At camps where late-night bathroom visits can expose women to the risk of assault, this new toilet makes it possible to go without going outside. In the night, a woman can use the Night Loo in the privacy of her tent. When she’s finished, she simply drops in a sachet of a super-absorbent polymer. The tiny bag dissolves and, within a minute, fully absorbs all liquid, turning it into a dry, odourless powder. In the morning, the device can be closed and carried to the latrine; one end of the container opens into a spout to pour the contents out.

Anna Meddaugh

  • Anna Meddaugh
    ArtCenter College of Design

    A native of the rainy Pacific Northwest of the United States, Anna is currently inhabiting the sunnier climes of Southern California where she studies Product Design and Social Innovation at ArtCenter College of Design, with a particular interest in design research and strategy. Prior to entering the design arena, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and enjoyed an interesting career in Public Health as a research analyst and data manager. A nomad at heart, she enjoys travel as a means to gain understanding of different ways of regarding and inhabiting the world, and deepening connections with others. Above all, her hope is to be a positive force in the world, and is committed to using design in service of a greater good.more

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