The future of Mammography

Nina is a product system that uses nano and advanced x-ray technology to improve breast cancer diagnostics and the experience of mammography. Through nano-technology, the Nina system enables smaller x-rays, reducing safety hazards and creating a closer connection between patient and nurse. Nina also employs light, friendly forms and improved comfort of use, encouraging feelings of safety and relaxation during the procedure of diagnosis. The inclusive space and comforting design of Nina reinvents the mammography machine, creating a welcoming and user-friendly environment, thus enhancing patient experience.

Karl-Otto Saarman

  • Karl-Otto Saarman
    Umeå Institute of Design

    A Swedish product designer with a BFA from Lunds University and MFA of Advanced Product Design at Umeå Institute of Design. Currently working in Norway with prior work experience both in Germany and China. Believe in working with design to improve peoples lives.more


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