Recyclable children clothes that grow with them

Nino is a sustainable collection of children’s clothes that expand to grow with their users.

Utilizing a netted fabric structure, the garments are designed to expand in multiple directions to provide for the growth of children. Nino is able to drastically reduce waste inherent in the early life fashion industry by recycling materials to create a mono-fibre production process that allows for easily recycling the material after use.


  • Maha Abdalla

    Maha Abdalla

    Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI)

    Maha is a multidisciplinary designer aspiring to disrupt the status quo through experimenting and integrating sustainability, modularity, and Co-design approaches to design innovative user experiences. Passionate about transformative fashion design, modular product design with strategic business acumen. She will graduate from Dubai Institute of design and Innovation in June 2022, majoring in Fashion design and product design. Her focus revolves around a cross-concentration approach to develop conceptual fashion products strategically. Focusing on the current fashion industry status quo and how her projects could be used as a medium to disrupt it on multiple layers, as a foundation base to research ethical concepts (design for disassembling, design for longevity, raising awareness of slow fashion values, transformative fashion, co-design, and applying entrepreneurial design strategies and innovative user segments) to formulate her future fashion design DNA.more

  • Dania Elabdulkarim

    Dania Elabdulkarim

    Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI)

    Dania is an undergraduate designer pursuing the fourth year in Fashion Design x Strategic Management. Educational career is developed at Dubai Institution of Design & Innovation and produced a wide range of projects to enhance and visualize the future of design concepts. She is skilled in developing new design perspectives, logical structure, and concept building, seeking opportunities in fashion-driven organizations to share the idea of designing multiple products in service for a longer cycle to keep the current period. Durability, adaptability, and personal connectivity are critical aspects of the fashion and strategic management approach to develop an agile & seamless user experience.more

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